Are you tired of chasing down six different subs to complete that ONE remodel for your client?


My name is Steven Koski.  I am a fully insured General Contractor in the Roaring Fork Valley.  I have spent the past 15 years personally building million dollar custom homes in the Basalt and Carbondale markets.   I have acquired the skills and tools involved in most phases of construction.  My skills include:


Ex Excavation and landscaping (I own a small excavator
 and a skidsteer)

I form and pour my own concrete
I am involved in every stage of framing
I have wired and plumbed 5 homes over 4000 square feet
 (I do not hold a current license in either field)
I do my own plaster, including Venetian plaster
I set tile, install trim, hang doors, install windows and hardwood flooring
I also make beautiful, custom, concrete countertops


In view of the current state of the economy, I am changing my business plan to a more conservative one.  I am looking for smaller projects.  You will find me to be extremely qualified, honest, and hard working.  Please put my card in your rolodex.


If you would like a reference, Greg Hunter, local real estate agent, is very familiar with my work.  His number is 379-1298.  Additional references are available upon request.




Steven Koski


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